Cascina Ri-Nascita


A safe place for women and their children

Cascina Ri-Nascita is a safe space for women and children victims of violence to rebuild their lives. The project aims to restore their self-esteem, psychological well-being, economic independence, and living autonomy.

The site "Cascina Carpana" is located in the south of Milan. It is a farmhouse under renovation that will offer various activities and services to be carried out by the women who are welcomed and trained in this space.

  • 10 women and their children will live in the farmstead, for a period agreed with the operators, with the aim of rebuilding a peaceful life free from violence. Attentive care and support will be provided to children and adolescents who are victims of domestic violence.
  • 90 women per year will take part in training courses and professional internships and will then be employed by the farmstead for a year. These women will have a better chance to being placed in the world of work.

Ri-Nascita is the result of an effective and successful collaboration between three third-sector organizations:

  • SVS Donna Aiuta Donna (SVSDAD): a Center Against Violence that has been providing consistent support to women since 1997. SVSDAD offers a range of services including legal assistance, psychological support, support for children and prevention activities.

  • Casa di Accoglienza delle Donne Maltrattate di Milano (CADMI): the first Center Against Violence established in Italy in 1986. Over the years, CADMI had provided crucial support to over 36,000 women in need (over 1,200 women each year). Already supported by the Kering Foundation, it operates in various areas, including emergency shelter, psychological and legal aid and professional training.

  • Campacavallo, is an amateur sports organization that offers activities related to horseback riding and circus arts.

The three organizations will provide a holistic approach to women and children hosted in the center.

The project is led by Alessandra Kustermann, president of SVS DAD. For many years, she was director of the Obstetric-Gynecological Emergency Department, the Sexual and Domestic Violence Emergency Department (SVSeD) and the Family Counseling Center of the Mangiagalli Clinic of the Milan Polyclinic. Together, with other gynecologists and medical examiners, she created the first public anti-violence centre, SVSeD, in 1996, which has supported more than 15,000 women and children.

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