Together We Bake


Breaking the cycle of abuse and trauma through baking

In the United States, financial abuse occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases (CFS).
Research also indicates that survivors’ concerns over their ability to provide financially for themselves and their children is one of the top reasons for staying in or returning to an abusive partner.

To respond to this situation, Together We Bake was created in 2012 as a comprehensive workforce training and personal development program for underserved women – particularly survivors of violence.

Through an 8-10 week training course in baking and business administration, women can acquire skills, build a support network and regain self-confidence. Based in Virginia, U.S., the social enterprise aims to guide them towards self-sufficiency, offering both practical job readiness classes and support to overcome their traumas. The sale of TWB products generates income to finance these activities.

As a member of the Kering Foundation’s community of social entrepreneurs, Together We Bake was selected by a jury of professionals and experts to receive support from the Kering Foundation, including a 6-month incubation program, professional mentoring, and access to the Kering Foundation’s network. It should enable Together We Bake to strengthen its financial viability, expand training to include sales practices, develop its communications strategy and pave the way for replication of its model.

Since 2012:
More than 250 women have been supported by the program.
70% of them have secured stable employment since then.

Together We Bake has impacted me on so many levels. I have broken out of a shell that I was hiding in for many years and have a renewed sense of identity of who I am. They have given me new tools to implement in my everyday life including breath work, yoga, negotiation skills and my ServSafe certification. But, most of all, I have gained a sisterhood of so many beautiful souls.”

– Reina, Fall ’21 Graduate

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